Creme Eggs are a chocolate confectionary item produced by Bournville based chocolate company Cadbury's. Creme Eggs are the best-selling confectionary item between New Year's Day and Easter in the United Kingdom, with annual sales of 200 million. Creme Eggs, like the name suggests, are chocolate shaped consumables with a white and yellow fondant center, mimicking the whites and yolk of an egg. The first filled eggs were produced in the early 1920s, however the first Creme Egg wasn't produced until 1963. They were renamed from Fry's Creme Eggs to Cadbury's Creme Eggs in 1971.

In Yogiverse Edit

The pronunciation of the consumable was discussed in YoGPoD 7: The Dragon QuizHannah was adamant that you pronounced the name of the item as it is spelt "creme". However, both Simon and Lewis were sure that you pronounced it as "cream egg". Yohi was swayed between the two ideas, but came to the conclusion that it was pronounced as "cream egg" because "creme egg sounds stupid", claiming that "boys are right, once again".

Simon, Lewis and Hannah were interested in seeing what the Netherlands' most popular confectionery item was, so they asked Yohi. Yohi told them that the most popular consumable in the Netherlands was called "Space Cake". Upon being asked what "Space Cake" was, Yohi said that it was a cake filled with marijuana, much to the amusement of Lewis who had guessed exactly that.