Captain Rhythm is the name used by the Yognau(gh)t who created the original YoGPoD theme song. He also created the operatic version of the theme song that was featured in YoGPoD 11: Xephos is lazy and never provides a title or summary and the Hannah's Cooking Segment jingle from episode YoGPoD 23: Simon's Cheesecake Surprise.

In the YoGPoD Edit

Captain Rhythm is known in the Yogscast community as the creator of the YoGPoD theme song. The song was a remix of Simon singing "This is the YoGPoD" to the Star Wars theme tune. The song was first heard in YoGPoD 10: Hanging to the left when Lewis played the song to Yohi to hear his opinion on it. Following that, in YoGPoD 11 a second remix from Captain Rhythm was heard, this time with an operatic theme. In order to fully enjoy said song, you must envisage an overweight ginger Jedi engaged in a duel, according to Lewis.

The Song Edit

The Yogscast - YogPod Theme tune

The Yogscast - YogPod Theme tune

The original podcast theme tune.