Joanne "Jo" Rowling is a British author who is best known for writing the popular Harry Potter series of books.


YoGPoD LinersEdit

She makes regular appearances on the YoGPoD shouting "FUCK OFF!" at people with her extremely masculine voice.

Career at St Mary's School for Exceptional ChildrenEdit

J.K. Rowling recently started work as a librarian at St Mary's School for Exceptional Children (a.k.a Celebrity School of St Mary's).

J.K. Rowling was extremely lucky to get taken on at St Mary's and doesn't let anyone forget how good her job is. Sometimes she comes across as very arrogant and smug, but that's all fine.

Rowling's first act as librarian was to remove all the books from the library and replace them with her own 'Harry Potter ' books. This caused much controversy amongst parents and guardians of the students who felt that this was inappropriate - the students needed dictionaries and atlases. Rowling was also taken up on her appalling use of language around the children. She spoke very crudely and constantly swore around the students. On one occasion, Rowling even told a child to 'FUCK OFF' for the heinous crime of requesting 'Non-Harry Potter' literature.


  • "FUCK OFF!"
  • "Read Harry Potter again! Read from the start!"