Man-man is a superhero first envisaged by Simon and Lewis in YoGPoD 16: Boobles, Man-man, Cowboy MMO and floating Jaffas. Man-man is unique among superheros as his superpower is his extreme ordinariness - the epitome of normality. His superhero outfit consists of a pair of jeans and a shirt, with a trendy scarf to keep him warm. He also has a fashionable haircut. Man-man drives a Prius as he's conscious about the environment and wants to limit his carbon footprint.

Quotes Edit

  • “His name is Manman, not Superman, not Spiderman and not Batman... but Manman” - Simon Lane
  • “That's the most useless power” - Lewis Brindley
  • “Manman is sounding less and less manly!” - Lewis
  • “I think he's a man's man... See what I did there?” -Simon