"All I have to say regarding S Club 7 is quite simply fuck them, fuck them right in the ear, and you can fucking well quote me on that."
(Mary Whitehouse)

S Club 7 (also known as Satan Club 7) is an English pop group, popular in the late-1990s and early-2000s and a personal favourite of Simon Lane.

In-Yogiverse Edit

S-Club 7 first came to note among Yognau(gh)ts when member Tina Barrett was mentioned by Lewis and Simon in the early episodes of the YoGPoD. Simon stated that Tina was his favourite member of the group and that he intended to make her MySpace profile a messageboard for fans of the Yogscast. The earliest chronological mention of this plan was in the mysterious pilot episode of the YoGPoD, however this has only been referenced and the pilot has never been released. Simon later changed his mind in YoGPoD 3 and claimed that Hannah Spearritt was his favourite member of the group upon hearing a sample of Tina Barrett's song "Fire".

Simon also managed to find the website of a man who believed that the 'S' in S Club stood for 'Satan' and that the seven members of the group were the personification of evil.


Donation button from the old '' website.

Listeners to the YoGPoD could donate to Lewis and Simon on their website, with the option of giving them (the equivalent of) an S Club 7 album.