Simon's Cheesecake Surprise was the twenty-third episode of the YoGPoD, uploaded on 30th November 2009. It was created and produced by Simon and Lewis. The episode is forty-six minutes and nine seconds in length.

In this podcast, Simon describes in detail how to make his delicious, low fat and healthy cheesecake recipe.

Official Description Edit

"In the only official monster truck podcast, you'll find talk about the history of Jagermeister, snoring, and how to make the most delicious of cheesecakes."

Cheesecake Recipe Edit

  1. You will need 1(ONE) jar of starwberry or raspberry jam.
  2. Also needed are toast crumbs to make up the crust.
  3. Finally, a few Dairylea cheese wedges are needed, depending on portion size.
  4. First, you must use the crust substance and cover your bowl with it.
  5. After that, cover the crust with a layer of the Dairylea cheese. Top with the jam and you are good to go in eating fine cuisine.

Video Edit

Hannah made a video for her website ( detailing how to make Simon's Cheesecake Surprise. The video was uploaded to her vlomadia channel. It is currently unavailable in the United Kingdom due to copyright issues.

Transcript Edit

There will be casual swearing involved. You have been warned.

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