The YoGPoD's secret, ultra secret, secret society of secrets, founded by Simon and Lewis in episode 28 of the YoGPoD.

"But for short we'll call it the 1956 club"

- Simon, YoGPoD 28.

Based on conspiracy theories from the previous YoGPoD, where Lewis had mentioned the date 1956, in reference to how dated the old movie "My Fair Lady" is. Starting at 19:51, and finishing at precisely 19:56 of YoGPoD 27:

"My Fair Lady? This is ancient. Nineteeeen... fifty....six."

- Lewis, YoGPoD 27

Starting at 19:56 on YoGPoD 28, there is a reversed message where Simon quotes from Winnie the Pooh. The reversed message is : "It's snowingstill," said Eeyore gloomily. "So it is." "And freezing."

- Simon, YoGPoD 28

It's kind of like the 18-30 club, but it's the 19-56 club, so unfortunately most present day Yognau(gh)ts are not allowed access to the club.

"You have to be between th- you have to be bet-gib-gyab-yib-dya-d'yeh-you have to betwe-b'yeh-yuh-you have to be- between... the ages of 19... and 56 to be a member of the club."

- Simon, YoGPoD 28

This includes you Rasmus.

"(You little freak.)" - Simon, YoGPoD 28