Also known as WoW, Wild of Westcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game imagined by Simon and Lewis. Wild of Westcraft is the duo's idea for a Western MMO that would trick people trying to sign up for World of Warcraft and make Simon and Lewis large sums of money. One of the main features of the game is that there wouldn't be any in-game chat functionality and players would have to use low-tech communication systems appropriate to the time, such as telegraphy. Needless to say, the MMO was never made or even mentioned again on the YoGPoD probably due to the fact that neither Simon or Lewis have any programming abilities... and the fact that it was a joke. Each player would have a job to do within the Wild of Westcraft community. These jobs include prostitution, cow herding and telegraphy. Simon and Lewis joked that each profession would have a small minigame, such as whipping cows (no need to go into detail on the prostitution minigame). They also said that if the player was a telegrapher, then he/she would have to send all in-game mail, as there was a lack of a mailbox, so they would have to press 1 on the number-pad over-and-over in a morse-code fashion to send messages to other towns. If the player over-worked, then they would get "telegrapher's finger" a rare type of RSI associated with telegraphy.

Wild of Westcraft was brought up again in Christmas at Poundland, when a Yognau(gh)t wrote in talking about his business trip in Germany. He suggested implementing "creepy undertaker" and a saloon pianist player classes.

However, rumour has it that Simon and Lewis DO have great programming abilities, and it in fact wasn't a joke. It appears they have made a development studio named Snow Storm Entertainment (not to be confused with Blizzard Entertainment.) The studio is likely composed of Simon, Lewis, maybe a few other members of the Yogscast, Yohimitsu and Poopfeast420 (who is thought to be the long lost twin of Chris Metzen, who works for some smaller, less successful games company who make some useless Wild of Westcraft clone). As can be expected the entire project would be funded by Carlos Larios, or more accurately, Carlos' mum.