"It's like cake, but with marijuana."

Image used by Yohi on the YOGS forums.

Yohi (also known as Yohimitsu or Yohimitsun) is a Dutch member of the World of Warcraft guild Ye Olde Goone Squade who frequently appeared in the early episodes of the YoGPoD.

In the YoGPoD Edit

Yohi first appeared in the infamous second episode of the YoGPoD, Sipsgate, in which Lewis repeatedly phoned up Sips. Following that episode, Yohi made a number of other cameo appearances on the YoGPoD; notably in a conversation about confectionery products, in which he revealed that the national confectionery item of the Netherlands was Space Cake, or, in other words, weed cake.

Trivia Edit

  • Yohi's favourite word is 'kanker', which is Dutch for 'cancer', though it is commonly used as an insult or as a replacement for 'fuck' rather than referring the the illness.